Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Return of the Superhero Stalkers!

Holy mother of pearl.... Remember these guys?

No? OK, go back two posts and scroll to the end of it. Yeah, THOSE guys. My own personal Justice League, who spent the afternoon appearing to follow me around the Central Park area. It was obvious, then, that they were not Rhodes scholars. I guess displaying a complete ineptitude for operating a CD player wasn't enough of a public display of their intellectual incapacity for them.

NYPD Arrests Superman While Batman Bears Witness


About a month and a half ago, New York City closed a section of Times Square to traffic -- partly to create a more kid-friendly environment. Little did they know that this new outdoor space would provide the backdrop for a disturbingly violent encounter between New York City's finest and DC comics' World's Finest.

Maskim Katsnelson and Frank Frisoli are street entertainers who perform as Superman and Batman, respectively. They were doing an interpretive dance to the theme from the Superman movies last week, when cops confronted the two about not having a permit to play amplified music.

During the discussion that followed, police allege (and Frisoli and other on-lookers confirm) Katsnelson hit a lady cop in the face. The authorities chased Superman through a crowd of people, before taking him down and hauling him off to prison in full costume.

Katsnelson spent a night in the slammer and underwent psychiatric evaluation at Bellevue (Frisoli may have narrowly escaped a visit to Arkham Asylum). Asylum's request for Katsnelson to provide his side of the story went unanswered.

After the jump, the police subdue the Last Son of Krypton in NSFW fashion.

Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July in Brooklyn... a.k.a. I'M ON A ROOF!

I'm on a roof!
I'm on a roof!
Everybody look at me
'cuz I'm standing on roof!

I'm on a roof, mf'er
Take a look at me!
Straight swinging on a hammock
You know you should be me!

I've got my pea coat
And my Weber grill,

I'm flipping burgers on the roof,
Drinking beer that's chill.

I'm the king of the world,
on a boat roof like Leo!

If you're on the flo'
Then you're sure not me-o!

For those who don't get it.... (NSFW, btw. This is the uncensored version)

PE in the Big Apple

Sorry for not posting sooner! I've been back a few days, but I took a fuckton of pictures! It took me two days to sort through those and then a day or so to finish reading the book I had for the trip decompress.

PE seemed to really enjoy himself in NY. He did some of the normal touristy stuff, like walking the Brooklyn Bridge...

... going to the Shake Shack and White Castle (which we don't have here in the South. And that's probably a good thing. I was sick for at least an hour after THAT little visit through their drive-thru)...

... and climbing buildings. PE is so much more impressive than King Kong, don't you think?

He also met some new people!

Tickles make Buddha happy!

PE also picked up some pointers on being a local, like riding the subway...

... and doing subway-type stuff, like reading over people's shoulders.

I'm sure, by now, some of you are wondering where the picture is of PE at the Remember Me filming. Um, yeah. Erm, well.... you see, there isn't one (please don't hit me!). As AWESOME a picture as that would have been, that would have totally outed me as one of the bazillion fan-girls that were standing around salivating.

Those puddles aren't made from rain water. It's fangirl drool.

We did see some interesting, and sometimes disturbing, things on our trip. Some we didn't get pictures of, like Elvis riding his bike on the Brooklyn Bridge in his white jumpsuit. But some we did.

The sign says, "Time flies when you're having rum."
I'm adopting this as my new personal motto.

This kid has the coolest kite ever! Couldn't get it off the ground, but cool none the less.

Some artist set up a Hello Kitty sculpture garden near Rockefeller Center. For some reason, and I can't even begin to imagine what the guy was thinking, the artist thought it was a good idea to have several of the sculptures crying. Yeah, small children love to see that kind of stuff.

And last, but certainly not least, Superman and Batman. Superman looked so much like Andy Samberg that I thought they were shooting a Digital Short for SNL. They spent most of their time trying to get the sound to come out of their external speakers on their jambox. It was pretty obvious these guys don't work for Best Buy. The basic result of their endeavours was people ducking down, clutching their ears as LOUD squeeks, squalks and feed back were the only things coming out of their "high-tech" sound system. For all of 3 minutes, music actually emitted and they got-down-with-their-bad-selves. They also seemed to follow me around different areas of Central Park. Ever been stalked by two superheros? Kinda creepy.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's the Best Daaaaay Everrrrrrr!

So, I'm roaming around NY this weekend taking pictures, right? My sister tells me that there is awesome people watching near a bunch of tattoo shops near Washington Square. Sounds good to me!

I hop the D train from Brooklyn and get off at 4th St. I see the Washington Square park about a block away. That's cool. I've never seen the big arch from When Harry Met Sally in person before. That's when I see a NYU flag. Oh, so this is where NYU is. Huh. Oh look. Purple barricades. How cute, they match the flag. Then I see some tents and trailers set up. See where I'm going with this?

Cool. Movie set! My sister said they are shooting a bunch of movies right now. She also said it's something that everyone should experience. That's when I see Claire from Lost. My husband loves Lost, so I tried my best to take pictures of her getting out of a Bronco and going into an NYU building. Nothing else happened, so I went about my business and went around the block to take more pictures of buildings and stuff. So, I came around the other side to take some pictures of a guy doing work in a hole in the middle of the street. That's when I see two trailers... and three giggling girls standing next to some guys with really big camera lenses. Hmmm, this could be interesting.

So, I ask the girls what's going on. "OMG! Robert Pattinson is in one of those trailers! Squeeeee!" I can't believe my dumb luck. I found the set of Remember Me when I wasn't even looking for it. Hey, I've got a big camera and multiple lenses.... So, I start hanging with the paps, and they totally include me. Then the paps and people starting growing in number. And growing. And GROWING. And then the deluge hits. Total monsoon! So, I decide waiting for RPattz just isn't worth it. Really, my stomach decided for me. By then, it was 2pm and I hadn't eaten yet. I run across the street to a cafe, grab a really yummy turkey and brie wrap and sit down next to a really interesting old lady who then tells me the history of the Village, her favorite movies, all about Coney Island, etc. Totally worth ditching the rain.

So the rain stops and I start to head away from the set and back into the park. That's when I see my new pap friends gathering on the corner. I join them and so do a bunch of fan girls. What was really cool was then some tall movie set guy ushers the fan girls away and leaves me and the paps where we were, telling the fan girls that we were professionals and knew what we were doing. Dude! I'm totally in!!! So, basically, I found myself across the street from Robward during his filming.

I thought we were all about to get totally screwed at one point because some pap named Steve kept pissing off the director by walking into his shot. It was almost a Christian Bale moment and was threatening to put up sheets, etc so NO ONE could see. Long story short, I got to watch Robward film a scene for about 15 minutes in relatively close proximity. IT WAS SO COOL!!!

Honesty, tho, watching the mayhem, I feel pretty sorry for the guy. All the attention was really overwhelming and seemed to be weighing heavily on him. He never looked up. Not once. And he kept doing the super sexy nervous-habit-hands-thru-the-hair thing he does.

I took a ton of pictures, and they are all black and white (I was shooting "fine art" stuff originally). Here are a few: