Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's the Best Daaaaay Everrrrrrr!

So, I'm roaming around NY this weekend taking pictures, right? My sister tells me that there is awesome people watching near a bunch of tattoo shops near Washington Square. Sounds good to me!

I hop the D train from Brooklyn and get off at 4th St. I see the Washington Square park about a block away. That's cool. I've never seen the big arch from When Harry Met Sally in person before. That's when I see a NYU flag. Oh, so this is where NYU is. Huh. Oh look. Purple barricades. How cute, they match the flag. Then I see some tents and trailers set up. See where I'm going with this?

Cool. Movie set! My sister said they are shooting a bunch of movies right now. She also said it's something that everyone should experience. That's when I see Claire from Lost. My husband loves Lost, so I tried my best to take pictures of her getting out of a Bronco and going into an NYU building. Nothing else happened, so I went about my business and went around the block to take more pictures of buildings and stuff. So, I came around the other side to take some pictures of a guy doing work in a hole in the middle of the street. That's when I see two trailers... and three giggling girls standing next to some guys with really big camera lenses. Hmmm, this could be interesting.

So, I ask the girls what's going on. "OMG! Robert Pattinson is in one of those trailers! Squeeeee!" I can't believe my dumb luck. I found the set of Remember Me when I wasn't even looking for it. Hey, I've got a big camera and multiple lenses.... So, I start hanging with the paps, and they totally include me. Then the paps and people starting growing in number. And growing. And GROWING. And then the deluge hits. Total monsoon! So, I decide waiting for RPattz just isn't worth it. Really, my stomach decided for me. By then, it was 2pm and I hadn't eaten yet. I run across the street to a cafe, grab a really yummy turkey and brie wrap and sit down next to a really interesting old lady who then tells me the history of the Village, her favorite movies, all about Coney Island, etc. Totally worth ditching the rain.

So the rain stops and I start to head away from the set and back into the park. That's when I see my new pap friends gathering on the corner. I join them and so do a bunch of fan girls. What was really cool was then some tall movie set guy ushers the fan girls away and leaves me and the paps where we were, telling the fan girls that we were professionals and knew what we were doing. Dude! I'm totally in!!! So, basically, I found myself across the street from Robward during his filming.

I thought we were all about to get totally screwed at one point because some pap named Steve kept pissing off the director by walking into his shot. It was almost a Christian Bale moment and was threatening to put up sheets, etc so NO ONE could see. Long story short, I got to watch Robward film a scene for about 15 minutes in relatively close proximity. IT WAS SO COOL!!!

Honesty, tho, watching the mayhem, I feel pretty sorry for the guy. All the attention was really overwhelming and seemed to be weighing heavily on him. He never looked up. Not once. And he kept doing the super sexy nervous-habit-hands-thru-the-hair thing he does.

I took a ton of pictures, and they are all black and white (I was shooting "fine art" stuff originally). Here are a few:


  1. nice shots! esp the second one.

  2. OMG!!! Awesome posts! That's right by my job. Wow, you took better pics than all the pap ones I've seen. Nice!

    And you gave me a really good idea... being a tad older than all the fangirls and all... :)

  3. Wow, the second pic is totally awesome! You are one lucky bitch!