Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Return of the Superhero Stalkers!

Holy mother of pearl.... Remember these guys?

No? OK, go back two posts and scroll to the end of it. Yeah, THOSE guys. My own personal Justice League, who spent the afternoon appearing to follow me around the Central Park area. It was obvious, then, that they were not Rhodes scholars. I guess displaying a complete ineptitude for operating a CD player wasn't enough of a public display of their intellectual incapacity for them.

NYPD Arrests Superman While Batman Bears Witness


About a month and a half ago, New York City closed a section of Times Square to traffic -- partly to create a more kid-friendly environment. Little did they know that this new outdoor space would provide the backdrop for a disturbingly violent encounter between New York City's finest and DC comics' World's Finest.

Maskim Katsnelson and Frank Frisoli are street entertainers who perform as Superman and Batman, respectively. They were doing an interpretive dance to the theme from the Superman movies last week, when cops confronted the two about not having a permit to play amplified music.

During the discussion that followed, police allege (and Frisoli and other on-lookers confirm) Katsnelson hit a lady cop in the face. The authorities chased Superman through a crowd of people, before taking him down and hauling him off to prison in full costume.

Katsnelson spent a night in the slammer and underwent psychiatric evaluation at Bellevue (Frisoli may have narrowly escaped a visit to Arkham Asylum). Asylum's request for Katsnelson to provide his side of the story went unanswered.

After the jump, the police subdue the Last Son of Krypton in NSFW fashion.

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