Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy "Remember Me" Day!

I'm taking the day off today so I can take Easter pictures of my cousin's baby go to the 1pm showing near my house in hopes that all the screaming tweens will still be in school. They don't get out early the Friday before spring break, do they?

So, let's all jump into my friend's DeLorean (yes, my friend really has one and YES, he let me drive it!) and go back to last summer when I stumbled across the film set:

Awww, sad Robward Tyler...

I've heard it's good, but sad. Of course, I didn't remember this until AFTER I put on non-waterproof mascara this morning. Stupid, stupid girl. I just need to remember to stuff some tissues into my seatbelt purse (it's made entirely out of recycled seatbelts... how cool is that?!) to help wipe away the drool face-leakage so I don't leave the theatre looking like a snotty raccoon.


Just got back from seeing it. Two words: loved. it. And I'm not just saying that because you-know-who was in it. Seriously, I really enjoyed it! Enjoyed it in a sad way, not in a awww-I-have-warm-fuzzies-in-my-tummy kind of way. Didn't see the ending coming. At all. And, NO, I'm not going to say anything further about it. You'll just have to go see it for yourself. Really, go see it now. NOW.

I am kinda bummed about one thing tho: I got to see two scenes filmed. One made it (where Ally gets out of her dad's Bronco at school), one (the one with Rob watching her from across the street) got cut. Darn.

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  1. i went to see it today too!!! although, my showing was at 1:40pm. siiiiiiiiiigh. i love love loved it. and yes - the ending...i still can't get over. siiiiiiiiiigh.