Tuesday, June 2, 2009

AA Batteries

There's a cult out there operating totally out in the open, of which I belong to. Many moons ago, I drank the Kool-Aid and have been a card-carrying member of the I-own-a-MINI-and-you-don't club. We are much like Jehovah's Witnesses, but instead of knocking on your door at some unseemly hour, we try to convert you at gas stations, grocery store parking lots and such when you random people approach us about our cars (inevitably asking, right off the bat, "What kind of gas mileage does that thing get?" Really, people, can't we be more creative than that?).

We are a pretty good-humoured and self-deprecating bunch of people... when it comes to our cars. You'll find this out when you look at our license plates because most of us have personalized ones generally making some sort of reference to the car's size (or how much fun they are to drive). For example, a friend of mine has had SIZE XS for years. Another guy I know had a sticker made for the back that says, "I ate all the clowns." He's a big guy, btw.

A few days ago, after having dinner with my mom, PE and I found that in the parking lot on a Clubman. I just had to post it and give kudos to the owner for their creativity. Funny stuff.

You can just see it in Rob's face, can't you? He's probably thinking about how he could totally lose those pesky paps if he was hauling ass and weaving in and out of traffic like cones on an autocross track in that MINI.

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