Monday, June 29, 2009

PE Gets Angsty at the Festival

Yesterday, I found myself helping a friend out by volunteering at her church festival. I was tapped to help out at the face painting booth, which is cool 'cuz once upon a time I was an art major in college. Also, I'm always up for an excuse to draw on small children. We weren't sure if any victims people were really going to show up because this festival was originally supposed to take place the first weekend of May, when it was "cooler" outside. Unfortunately, thanks to the monsoon that hit in April, that wasn't going to happen. The fair grounds are set in the middle of a reservoir. That reservoir didn't recede until a few weeks ago.

So, instead, the church moved the festival to the end of June, when it's fuckhot outside. How hot is "fuckhot?" Let me give you a visual. This is what my temp gauge in my car was saying after I left the fairgrounds (at 6pm):

Yep, that's 105 freakin' degrees! (In truth, it had said 106, but by the time I got my decrepit iPhone to actually switch to the Camera App, it had gone down one degree. I really need to get a new one, one of those awesome, new 3Gs iPhones.) At least, the festival was under a pavilion structure thingy, so we were out of the direct sun. That also meant we weren't getting any type of breeze. Safe to say "sweat" was the general theme to every one's attire yesterday.

It was kind of slow going for a while. At least I had paint to play and draw on myself with. Oh, and glitter! Yay! One of my friend's daughters was pretty bored, so I decided to put a little child labor into action (not too abusive or anything; she's in 8th grade). I handed her PE and my iPhone and told her to have fun, but they better be good photos! She didn't disappoint. It would seem that PE was angsty, probably brought on by the stifling heat, and decided to take it out on some stuffed animals:

Hmm, I wonder if you taste anything like your cousin, the mountain lion?

Having been defeated by the lion, formerly known as Lunch, PE moved on to easier pray: a fluffy, pink bunny.

Nom, nom, nom.

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  1. Lmao...these pictures are awesome! I love the one of PE with the fork! Too funny :)