Monday, June 1, 2009

Please don't hate me

Last night, while PE, the fam and I were busy rockin' out at the Paramore/No Doubt concert, every Twitard in the world was glued to their TV watching the MTV Movie Awards. According to the radio this morning, Twilight basically cleaned the house of those buckets of golden popcorn. Most importantly, the first New Moon trailer was premiered.

While I DVR'd the awards, I was too pooped when we got home to watch it. I also have a big meeting with Exxon, so I needed my beauty sleep to be some what coherent today. While I can wait to watch it tonight, I couldn't wait to jump on my computer this morning, with my bowl of oatmeal, to watch the trailer.

Please don't go all hatin' on me, but I just wasn't blown away, which sucks. I was really looking forward to this being sooo much better than the last film. I know I'm being blasphemous here, but let's step away from the Twi-Crack for a minute and be real. It really wasn't that great of a movie. I mean, it was a good movie, but there's was so much messed up with it. Don't even get me started on the editing! We like it because it's a manifestation of the book. Period. Okay, Robward is pretty hot, but it's not like he was Oscar-worthy in this movie. For the most part, I blame the director. That's the main reason I had such high hopes for New Moon. I pray the trailer is not really indicitive of the movie to come. I almost spat my oatmeal on my computer screen when I saw the Jacob-Werewolf transformation. Cartoon-frickin-wolf! Mega cheese.

Thanks to for the Jacob photo!

Oh, and WTF is up with Jasper's hair?!

On another note, it looks to me like the whole "leaked movie script" was complete BS. Yeah, that's right. I read it. Sue me. To me, at least, it looks like someone wrote their own version (which was overlly true to the book... more than any normal book-adaptation movie script), threw in a few scenes that were blogged on gossip sites to make it more believable and put it out there for people to go nuts over. My two cents, there you have it.

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  1. just discovered your blog from Twitarded and love it.

    could not agree with you more on this post