Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why my husband is my Edward

Months ago, my husband's social calendar for this weekend was fully booked. He had a wedding to attend to out-of-town on Saturday night and had tickets to Buzz Fest for today. It was only much later that he realized that 1.) the Houston Dynamo were playing rivals FC Dallas at home on Saturday night and 2.) Sunday was Mother's Day.

No biggie (for me anyway) really. Sunday is a soccer practice day (Yes, I'm a "soccer mom." At least I drive a Mini Cooper and not a Mini-van!) and I would just take the kids to the game on Saturday night myself (this is usually a Dad-bonding event). Besides, PE hadn't been to a Dynamo game yet!

I'd been kinda-sorta looking around in various toy departments for an orange Ken doll-sized shirt for PE. It gave me something to do while my child looked for a present for their self whatever classmate was having a party that weekend. Never found anything. I should probably expand my options by going to an actual toy store, but I'd probably have to bury my kids in the backyard after that potential experience.

I decided that I would just use face paint to color PE's jacket instead. I did a test with some blue paint (which I would use on his face later) to make sure it didn't stain. And, it didn't. Sweet! I went into the living room and stole the drum stool my husband bought for playing Rock Band and put it in front of the bathroom sink. I laid out five different face paint colors out and got to work. I think it turned out rather well! I put Addidas white stripes on the shoulders and the number for my fave player on the back. SIDE: Now that I think about it, I kinda feel bad for my husband. Before there was Edward, there was Craig Waibel. Actually, Craig's never left the building. There's really still BOTH. It's not MY fault he looks like Jason Statham with a stellar personality and soccer legs! I put PE in a plastic baggy, put some war paint on my own face, don FTF's Wendy's Hamburgers wig and was ready for the game!

Unfortunately, my son wasn't. He was on the verge of puking from a migraine. He didn't even want his usual face paint. I told him that maybe we shouldn't go to the game after all. But my little trooper insisted on going, stating that he would be fine. Wow, I thought to myself. I know this kid lives and breathes soccer, but he must really want to go to this game! Well, one of his best friends is going to be there, so maybe that's it. I load him up with Tylenol and ginger ale and we head out.

I think PE was still a little unsure about this whole experience, not really knowing what to expect from a professional soccer game. I assure him that it isn't at all like the football my husband was used to as a kid in England. This was family fun at it's finest. PE still wasn't sure as he was really only familiar with baseball and American football, but he seemed to relax as he saw what street the stadium was on.

Once there, we meet up with my son's friend and his parents at our section. This makes my son feel temporarily better. My son decides to switch seats with his friend's mom for a while. Right after the switch, that section was designated Taco Bell section or something and everyone got giant foam taco hats!

That guy behind the boys just doesn't look too excited
about wearing a giant foam taco on his head, does he?

We watch the players warm up for a while and I introduce PE to all that is Craig Waibel. PE was impressed, as is everyone in Craig Waibel's presence. SIDE: You have to understand that Craig Waibel is like Houston's version of Chuck Norris. Same facts, just interchange the names. And, if he ever retires from soccer, he probably has a job waiting for him as the field goal kicker for the Houston Texans (see video at bottom).

At half time, the game was still tied 0-0. There was a Mother's Day fireworks display which sounded spectacular. We couldn't see if from our seats, but whatcha gonna do? Then they make the usual announcement for everyone to direct their attention to the jumbo-tron for people who are celebrating their birthdays with the Dynamo that evening. I quickly look up and notice that there was only one birthday listed. The other five said "Happy Mother's Day to...." I thought to myself that was rather funny... and sad that the announcer didn't have the presence of mind to deviate slightly from his script given the holiday. It was then that my kids started jumping up and down, telling me that my name was on the screen. My husband had arranged for a Mother's Day greeting for me at a game he knew he wouldn't be at! All together now: AWWWWWWW! If that wasn't surprising enough, two minutes later a Dynamo rep. came down to my seat and presented me with two orange roses!

I love this man, even if he did text me this evening from Buzz Fest that he had just eaten pizza with the boys from Papa Roach. So, yeah, the kids were totally in on it. This would be why my son braved the game and the surrounding area's pot hole-filled roads (I swear, everytime I hit a bump he turned a little bit greener) with a migraine. I guess I love them too! ;)

UPDATE on face paint and PE compatibility: We discovered something important last night about the face paint. It comes off ALL over your hands. This would be why there is only one picture of PE at the game. Also, as I was bathing PE this morning, I noticed that the orange didn't completely come off on all parts. It's not really noticeable and I have faith that it will, in time, wear off. But, that will NOT stop PE from donning some guyliner Tuesday night. I will, however, need to find an orange shirt for future games.

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  1. Just found your blog, (& Twilight Smutty Fanfiction too! We seem to have a few things in common! I want a Edward doll, in all the Blogs I see them & they look like so much fun! I like his #16 (that is both of my son's #) Look forward to reading more!