Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Starting to See the Light of Day

I've been pretty neglectful of late in regards to taking pics of PE and posting them. You know how it is... sucked into reading online TwiSmut having kids and all. So, starting this past weekend, I decided to make an effort to pull PE out of my purse more often.

I started with Girl Scouts on Saturday. The moms were pleased that PE decided to actually show up this time and he was more than happy to help one of the moms with her dues.

I then had to take the kids to a bowling party. Full of potential opportunities, right? Nope. The youngest had an "accident" right after we got there, so I had to take her home. By the time I got back, the party was over.

Skip to Monday morning. I never made it to the grocery store Sunday (thanks again to fan fiction) so I was totally out of chai. You have to understand that chai is my coffee. No chai = grumpy girl no one wants to be around. Therefore, the husband is more than willing to make a detour on our morning commute via the Starbucks' drive-thru. While we sit in the drive-thru line, he posts on Facebook that he's at Starbucks. One of his friends posts back that my husband should post a picture. Hmmm. PE is in my purse....

Woo-hoo! Starbucks to the rescue!

However, in the middle of our caffiene-inspired celebration, I hit a bump.

I am assured that PE was never actually stepped on.

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