Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A day late again.

Man, finding time to blog at night is harder than I thought! After work, I had a busy afternoon of running around like a headless chicken. Considering this is normal operating procedure, you'd think I'd be better adjusted. Ha ha... "better adjusted." Ohhh, THAT has sooooo many meanings....

Anyway, Tuesdays (and Thursdays for that matter) are soccer practice days for the oldest. Usually, my husband and I have to leave work early (we carpool like good eco-friendly people. <--- obligatory Earth Day reference) on practice days because my office is no where near my kids' school or the practice field. I mean, like, 45 miles away!

Yesterday, however, we had to split up for a while because I needed to run some errands. Important stuff, like getting my daily medication refilled. For me, "Better living through chemistry" isn't just a motto, it's a way of life. I'm not thrilled about it, but there you go. We get back to the house to pick up soccer gear and split up: He takes Connor and his friend to practice while I get my meds, our daughter and then meet him at practice.

The day was bee-you-tif-ful! I rolled down the windows on my loaner car (mine is at the dealership... again) and put on my fave Tues. afternoon radio program, "Sound Awake" (90.1 FM: 3-5pm). All Cure music from 4-5 celebrating Robert Smith's 50th b-day. Side: I'm having a hard time dealing with the fact that R. Smith turned 50 yesterday.

Edward and I share a common interest: cars. Since I'm in a loaner Clubman, PE was curious as to how it drove.

We both agree it sucks. Crappy automatics. Turns out, PE and my husband also have something in common: they both think that base Coopers are too slow. While PE was checking his mirrors (like a good driver), he pointed at that there was a much faster, WAY cooler car behind us.

You don't really see too many Aston Martins in my hood. PE points out that he has one in his garage back in Forks and that it drives much better than the crappy Clubman we are in.

We pull in to Kinkos and drop off a package for my sister. She was in town over the weekend for work-related stuff and forgot her power cord. PE was happy to help send it back to her. I emailed her the picture to let her know it was on its way.

Next stop, Tar-jay pharmacy. My "automatic refill" wasn't automatically refilled, so I had to wait 15 minutes. We decided to check out the book section. PE got bored while I was checking out new releases and books by Miss Piggy, so he wandered off to find books that interested him.

I also came across a CD of a guy that I think looks remarkably like my friend Larry.

As we were coming back to the pharmacy, PE pointed out that the Clif Corp. has gotten over their Peanut Butter-Salmonella scare and put my fave Luna Bar back on the market!

We buy two and pick up my 'scrip.

By now, I've missed a good 25 minutes of quality Cure music and there's only time for one song left. :( We pick up my daughter and head to practice where PE helps cheer Connor on.

By the time practice lets out at 6:30, the kids are understandably hungry. We stop at a place called Clay's. It's good kid-friendly dining as they have, basically, a petting zoo in the play area. They also have lots of soap and hand sanitizer, so no worries. This excites PE because, apparently, he's hungry too.

Clay's needs a new peacock. PE said it tasted like chicken.

We order our monthly quotient of fried food, but when I tried to squirt out some ketchup for my fries, the plastic lid thingy blows off and ketchup went EVERYWHERE!

PE tried to help clean-up, but it was too late for Connor.

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