Thursday, April 30, 2009


You may have noticed that I didn't blog yesterday. Heck, you may not have! I have no idea if people check this blog or not. Yesterday, I was completely distracted by the "TwiSluts" over at Twitarded. JJ and STY are my new bad influences.

Instead of posting my daily blog, I was GLUED to the computer screen, mouth hanging open, reading R-rated Twilight fan fiction. I knew fan fiction existed, but I had never really been that interested. Thanks to JJ and STY... I AM NOW!!! To quote Bella, "Holy crow!" Some of these authors should really write for Harlequin... or Hustler.

We all were frustrated when the Mormon mom skipped over the juicy stuff we'd been waiting for three books to read. We all were eagerly anticipating the wedding night scene to see if having sex with Edward was like boinking a Popsicle (Oh, come on! Just admit it. You KNOW you were!). From what I read last night, well, actually... I still don't know. The stories I read didn't address that part. Not really. But, they did fill in some of the blanks SM left! After one particular story, I felt like I needed a shower... or a cigarette (and I don't smoke).

After reading Twitarded this morning, I'm here to warn you that there will be at least one day a month that there will be no blogging from me. It would seem that there are lots of "Twinkies" (My husband came up with that one. Clever, huh? I was impressed and told him I was going to steal it.) who have dirty minds just like me. So, they are going to instigate a Twirotic Thursday once a month to satisfy our "needs." That's so thoughtful of them, isn't it? And really, it benefits everyone, especially our significant others. "Finally!" they'll say. "I'm getting something out of this Twilight obsession of yours!"

Me too, Honey. Me too. ;)

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  1. LOL!! Glad we could do our part to keep all the relationships of our followers going strong (and hot!) - I never realized that we'd end up doing public service via the blog, but we're ever-so-happy to be of assistance! : )

    Oh and I like "twinkies"! funny...

    : )