Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's started... (and then was abruptly put on hold)

Houston. Rain. Flooding. They go hand-in-hand, just like Forks and, um, rain. Today was supposed to be a super-busy day beginning with my son's "conditioning" training at 10am, a birthday party at 1 and then the crawfish boil at 5.

Training was skipped because a.) Connor went to bed with a migraine last night (probably due to the weather), b.) The weather (nothing like waking up to a huge clap of thunder!) and c.) I really couldn't be bothered to get out of bed.

I decided around 11 to take the kids for lunch at Mission Burrito before we traveled to the party. The party was (I guess "is" would be more correct since I'm sure it's still going on) a science-themed thing. Full of potential opportunities for PE to assist! I mean, he DOES have two degrees in medicine. That involves lots of science courses, right?

PE is all ready to go! Look!
He even found my car keys!

We get to Mission Burrito before the complete monsoon hit. PE is already being very helpful. He points out that Kid's Meals are only $3 on weekends! PE is so economy-conscience!

We take the food to the table and since PE can't eat human food, he decides to help pass out napkins to the kids (not that they'll EVER use them).

That's about when it hit. Full force. The power goes out and everything! Yeah, yeah, it came back on a few seconds later, but the kids freaked-out. Flash flooding starts and I really begin debating internally the intelligence (and sanity) behind attempting the 30-minute drive to this party.

The patio at Mission Burrito.
Notice the water spray on the blurry car.

That's when I check the local radar on my iPhone. Ah, tornado vortex symbol thingy... nice. OK, we'll wait a few minutes and try to head in the direction of the party. Yeah, first major stupid idea of the day (which is saying a lot since it was 12:30pm. My stupid ideas usually start much earlier than that. Must be the weather.) I didn't make it far. For those of you that live in H-town, you know that I-10 and Hwy 6... scratch that. ANY part of I-10 on the Katy side goes under when it rains. Since I needed to get to the beltway to make it over to Westpark (where the party is), I decided to try W. Little York. I made it about 1/2 mile and scared the crap out of myself.

I drive a MINI Cooper. I L-O-V-E my car. But, it is pretty low to the ground and not by any means the ideal car to be driving when there is flash flooding potential. Suddenly, I found myself and my car in a whole lotta water! All I could think was, "Please don't flood out. Please don't flood out!" And looking ahead at the big-ass SUV in front of me, it only got deeper. So, like a smart bunny, I turned around and gave up.

RANT: WTF is up with stupid-assed SUV and truck drivers that think it's ok to plow thru flood waters at a high rate of speed sending a tsunami-sized wave of water on top of unsuspecting smaller cars?!

Anyway, we're back home how. My husband tells me this is supposed to clear out by 5 and the crawfish party thrower just called to ask if I can bring salad stuff for her friend from California.

To Be Continued....

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