Sunday, April 26, 2009

He had an accomplice!

Watch this post. Details to follow. I'm just too tired right now to blog and I've got an early meeting in the morning. Which is going to suck. 100% chance of suckage.

OK. There is a tornado warning in my IMMEDIATE 5 mile vicinity, so at any moment I may have to abandon this post and hide out in the laundry room (You know it's a good thunder clap when it sets off the neighbor's car alarm).If I hear hail, I'm outta here.

"Accomplice" is apparently not the correct verbiage. Whatever the name is for a person who is IN on it, that's what I should have used. I just can't think of it right now.

The "deed" took place the night before, after I went to bed and while the husband and our friend were editing a video they took earlier of her emotionally disabled really cute and loving dogs for her application to be on the Dog Whisperer. In her defense, according to my husband, she protested what he was doing and told him to keep away from her stuff.

The next afternoon, after I discovered PE on the bookcase, I took a picture (obviously), but LEFT PE where he was. I didn't say anything. I think my husband was waiting for me to say something. It seemed to me like he was trying to bait me when he told me that the Dynamo tickets for a game two weeks away were on the bookcase, as I was standing in the kitchen with my back to it. I said, "OK," and DIDN'T turn around.

Later that evening, our friend came over to eat hamburgers and play some Rock Band (we're like the Partridge Family in my house). As I was walking to the kitchen for a refill on my most tasty "adult beverage," I notice that PE is no longer on the bookcase. There goes the neighbor's car alarm again. LOL, that never gets old. Funny every time! Supposedly the tornado is past us, but the power keeps flickering out. Good thing my laptop is charged... I think. Maybe the husband put PE back in my purse, giving in to the fact that his typically unobservant wife just didn't notice PE was missing?

We continue to rock out for a while longer. The husband takes a short break while our friend and I bust out some Muse and Godsmack. As we are playing, the husband comes back to the living room and whispers something in her ear. After the song is over, they divulge to me that PE had been moved to the living room entertainment center and had been SHAGGING the wooden bulldog statue for the past hour. That is, until he fell down and was now lying beneath it. He had been, basically, in front of me for quite some time and I hadn't even noticed.

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